Сырьё для производства бытовой химии и промышленных моющих средств

Сырьё для производства автохимии

Многофункциональные эмульсии и воски, пеногасители

Сырьё для ЛКМ и покрытий

Сырьё для производства косметики

Сырье для водоподготовки

Дезинфектанты и антимикробные компоненты

Сырьё для нефтегазовой отрасли

Компоненты для огнезащитных составов. Антипирены

Промышленная химия



Производство строительных материалов

+7 (812) 240-01-45
+7 (800) 775-24-60
196240, Санкт-Петербург, 6-й Предпортовый проезд, д.8


NOVA LLC, founded in 2011, is engaged in high-volume supplies of raw materials for chemical industry to the Russian market.

Our company is offering wide range of surfactants and oleochemical products.

NOVA LLC is rapidly developing its positions in the regions of Russia, thus building leadership and expanding sales geography.

At the present the company has all the necessary facilities for unloading, packing, storage and delivery of any chemicals, including highly toxic and potentially hazardous ones in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk.

Aiming to boost local market of surfactants and oleochemical products, we are able to offer the goods from leading manufacturers of Europe and Asia.

With the help of our marketing specialists and production engineers (technicians) keeping up with world trends and latest technologies of chemical market, we have possibility to supply our customers with brand-new products.


TEL/FAX: +7-812-240-0145
E-MAIL: info@novachem.ru
WEBSITE: www.novachem.ru